Each day the children have Enrichment classes in the afternoons. These Classes are part of standard tuition and are important part of life at MCP. Led by an exciting group of specialist teachers, this time filled with new experiences, is a perfect time to volunteer as a helper and spend some time with the children. Music, Art, Spanish and Gardening/Life Science add to the whole child education experience for you and your child.


That’s right, Julia Child attended Montessori school and credits that education (in her book Julia Child and Company) for her love of working with her hands. Actually, I see much more Montessori than that in Mrs. Child. A pioneer. Montessori kids have the courage and the creativity to
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Montessori Schools nurture each child’s appreciation and understanding of the natural world and build ecologically responsible citizens by involving them in the seasonal cycles of planting, harvesting, and sharing the food grown in an organic, Permaculture garden. A Montessori school
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The truth is that when a free spirit exists, it has to materialize itself in some form of work, and for this the hands are needed. Everywhere we find traces of men's handiwork, and through these we can catch a glimpse of his spirit and the thoughts of his time. The skill of man's h
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Educators, behavioral scientists and researchers, medical professionals, and child development specialists are confirming that musical training can significantly enhance child development. Several studies indicate that exposure to music— listening, learning, and playing music, does ha
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