Our Classrooms

The classroom is a prepared environment and reflects the care and attention that is given to many activities which are appealing as well as mentally challenging to our students.It is designed to accommodate children with child sized furniture and equipment. This Montessori environment is to facilitate the child’s independence, sense of personal improvement and self-confidence. It is the “children’s community”

By combining three, four and five year old together in our preschool/Kindergarten classes, a sense of community develops. The younger children teach patience and empathy to the older children. The older children act as role models for the younger children and assist them with their work and classroom adjustment. This in turn gives them self confidence that they will take with them as they graduate the Montessori environment and move into the sometimes daunting public education system.

“Education is a natural process

carried out by the child

and is not acquired by listening to words

but by experiences in the environment.”

- Maria Montessori